Fix Up Yuh House with JN Rewards This Christmas!

Christmas is here again! In addition to merry making and jolly festivities, Christmas is the season for showing our homes some love with that special face lift, whether that may be a new paint job, changing the décor or just purchasing new household items.

There are several JN Rewards partners who can make your life a whole lot easier by facilitating your Christmas ‘fix up’ needs at affordable prices. By showing any of your JN cards, you may receive as much as 20 per cent off your purchases at several JN Rewards merchants this festive season. Here are a few JN Rewards partners which can “help you find a way” to fix up your house this Christmas:

  1. Living Spaces– Need a new couch, mirror or dining room set this Christmas?  Living Spaces has a wide range of fine furniture, art and accessories to compliment virtually every room in your house. Each piece sold in this store has been specially handpicked and brought in from areas such as South, Central and North America and Indonesia. Swipe your JN card and get 10 per cent off your purchase.
  2. Sherwin-Williams– One of the best things you can do to spruce up the look of your home is by painting it. Sherwin-Williams has been a household name for years and offers a variety of paints in almost any colour you can think of! This partner not only stocks decorative paints but also furniture finishes which can give your old furniture a brand new look. In addition to the 10% discount that you will receive when you swipe your JN card, Sherwin-Williams will give you another 15% off most paints and up to 40 per cent off some. This is a Christmas gift that your home deserves; this is a Christmas gift that you deserve!
  3. H&L Rapid True Value– ‘Build. Renovate. Decorate’ is the tagline for H&L Rapid True Value and appropriately so! This hardware and home improvement store is a one-stop shop; just about everything you need for your home can be found on one of their many aisles. Paints and accessories, door and tiles, lighting and fans, kitchen and bathroom accessories are just some of the categories of items that can be sourced at this JN Rewards partner. There are locations in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Mandeville, Clarendon and Kingston, so find one near you and enjoy a 5% discount on your purchase when you swipe your JN card. The store also has 20% off Berger paints and 10 per cent off all other paints. Furthermore, if you purchase any Black & Decker, Stanley or Dewalt product, you become eligible to participate in a promotion where you can win a bike! Vroom vroom into 2018!
  4. FosRich Group of Companies– Light up your world this Christmas with FosRich! FosRich has a wide variety of chandeliers, hanging, wall and table lamps, fans, bulbs and other lighting fixtures and devices. A new lighting fixture can be just the piece you need to add that edge to your home. Enjoy 5% off with JN Rewards today at any of their four locations!
  5. Singer We all need appliances in our homes and it may be time to throw out that old refrigerator or get a new stainless steel stove. Singer has got you covered this Christmas! Swipe any of the 6 JN cards and get up to 7% discounted from your purchase. Your home will love you for it!

Let JN reward you this Christmas! Enjoy discounts at our JN Rewards partners while you fix up your home!

JN Rewards Programme Expands to Florida

Hazelle Rogers (center), Mayor of the city of Lauderdale Lakes supported the JN team of Debbie-Ann Williams (left), Partnership and Community Relations Officer, JN Bank and Carmen Bartlett, Regional Manager of JN Money Services (USA) during the launch event held recently at the JN Money Transfer Office in Lauderdale Lakes.

JN Bank has extended the reach of its JN Rewards Discount programme for members with the launch of its first Florida merchant partners, in the United States of America (USA).

The five new partners who are based in Fort Lauderdale, will provide discounts of up to 20% on the purchase of goods and services from their operations by JN Card holders.

Speaking at the launch event held for Florida merchants recently, at the JN Money Transfer Office in Lauderdale Lakes, Carmen Bartlett, regional manager of JN Money Services (USA) said, that the “JN Reward programme is  one of the ways the organisation has sought to demonstrate its appreciation to clients.”

“JN has maintained strong relationships with its customers, and through this programme, we are now able to provide tangible benefits to everyone, who will be able to access discounts from their favourite retailers,” she explained.

The programme provides discounts on the purchase of goods and services made by holders of JN Debit and Credit Cards, the JN Money Transfer and the JN Retirement scheme cards, at more than one hundred merchant partner locations across Jamaica; and is now available in Florida. Persons visiting Jamaica will also be able to use their JN Cards to access discounts from these merchants.

The new Florida-based merchants who joined the programme include: CCJ Solutions (multi-purpose store), Dave’s Jamaican Bakery, Shoppe Jamaicans Grocery Store,  Sam’s West Indian Grocery and D & L Caribbean Grocery.

Mrs Bartlett pointed out that holders of JN Money Transfer Cards will be the most immediate beneficiaries under the JN Rewards programme, “as they would be more likely to have that card, as opposed to the other recent JN branded cards.”

“JN Money Transfer customers can, therefore, benefit from discounts via the JN Money Transfer rewards programme. This is also one of several ways in which we continue to say ‘thank you’ to our loyal customers,” she maintained.

However, Mrs Bartlett, noted that JN members visiting Florida will also be able to benefit from the programme at these locations by showing their other JN cards, which are issued in Jamaica.

In Jamaica, the JN Rewards programme continues to expand across the country; and includes the providers of hotel accommodation, beauty and health care and recreational services.