JN Members

What is the JN Rewards programme?

JN Rewards is a programme that allows JN to provide an exclusive benefit to its members.

What JN cards are eligible to grant me discount?

Every JN branded card allows you a discount (JN Debit, JN Credit, JNMS, JN Retirement Scheme)

How do I as a JN member benefit from the Rewards Programme?

JN customers can show or swipe a JN branded card at any JN Rewards merchant partner. Once this action is taken the customer is automatically eligible for an exclusive discount (discounts may vary amongst stores).

Who are members of the JN Group?

The JN Group consists of JN Bank, JN Foundation, JN Fund Managers, JN Money Services, JN Fund Managers, JN Small Business Loans, The Creative Unit, JN General Insurance, JAA, JN Life, MCS Group and JN Cayman

Do I have to sign up to benefit from the Rewards Programme?

No you do not have to sign up, however, you have to be a member of the JN Group and be a card holder

If I need assistance who can I contact to get information?

you can email rewards@jngroup.com/helpdesk@jnbank.com or call 1.888.991.4065/6

Do I have to swipe/use my JN card to get a discount?

Some merchants requires you to use your card but most merchants allow you to just show your card to access the discounts

How I can find a Rewards merchant to get my reward?

Simple use the search option on the website to find a store near you

How do I become a JN Member:

You visit a JN branch nearest to you and take the required documents (Proof of address, pay slip/proof of income, ID and TRN, $2500, two references) and sign up there. You can also start the process online by clicking on the “become a member” link on this website.

Are cards from other JN Group subsidiaries eligible to get Rewards?

Yes, all JN Group subsidiaries cards are acceptable for discounts at each of our merchant location.


How do I become a Rewards Partner?

You can send an email to rewards@jngroup.com or call 1.888.991.4065/6 to get more information