OXX System is first and foremost a manufacturing company that offers primarily hair and and skincare products. We also outsource the making of our satin line which includes, but not limited to pillow cases and scarves. Our Company’s mission is based on a commitment and duty to encourage ultimate hair-care executions, especially where Black women are concerned. Subsequently, we have incorporated a flagship OXX Salon where persons can go and get one-on-one free consultations and/or paid services done. We are also very involved in social media and our website is chocked full of comprehensive, informative material.

Oxx Systems  will be offering a 10% discount to all JN Members (we do not cut men’s hair) on hair services only. This discount excludes any percentages off products, unless there is a promotion in the salon.. We offer an in-house loyalty reward programme which cannot be used with any other discounts, yours being one of them. Please advise in your print that this partnership voids any other discounts with respect to hair services, at the salon.


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